Peeple reinvents itself, as its social media presence goes down the plughole

The debacle over the Peeple app – the so-called “Yelp-for-humans” app that could see you reviewing other people online – isn’t quite over yet.

Bob Covello reports.

1 min read

Peeple – a lesson in social media misuse?

Whether the controversial Peeple app is real or fake is up for debate.

But one thing is for sure – it might teach us an important lesson about social media.

Bob Covello explains.

7 sec read

Peeple – the creepy app that lets others rate, review and bully you online

Peeple, the app that asks you to post reviews and ratings for the people you meet in life.

What could possibly go wrong?

Bob Covello reports.

1 min read