Consumers worried about call centre security, new survey reveals

Are call centres keeping your sensitive information safe and out of the hands of criminals?

76% of UK adults are worried, survey claims.

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LifeLock pulls its Wallet apps and deletes user data after security scare

LifeLock, a firm which is supposed to help you protect yourself from identity thieves, has taken the drastic action of announcing that it is yanking its iPhone and Android apps.

The reason? It looks like it wasn’t doing a good enough job of keeping your private information private.

2 min read

A PCI security sing-a-long for retailers everywhere

Raising awareness amongst retailers about the need to properly protect shoppers’ credit and debit card information continues to be important.

So, what can you see here? A country & western sing-a-long all about PCI data security standards. Yes, really.

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RAM-scraping malware could have been installed on Target’s tills

As Target’s CEO explains his company’s security screw-up in a TV interview, more details emerge of how hackers might have stolen the credit card details of many millions of the retailer’s customers.

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PCI data security song [VIDEO]

Read more in my article at Naked Security.

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