Patch Tuesday

Google Chrome to help unsafe, insecure XP users surf the net… putting the rest of us at risk

Gee thanks for nothing Google. Your latest decision regarding Chrome could put many of us at risk on the internet.

Critical security updates for users of Microsoft and Adobe software

Patch Tuesday has been and gone, which means that if you’re responsible for the security of the computers in your office – or the ones you use at home – it’s time to update your systems once again.

Zero-day Internet Explorer flaw to be finally patched by Microsoft on Patch Tuesday

Be sure to keep your eyes open for when the patches become available – and roll them out across your computers as soon as possible. If you don’t, you run the risk of malicious hackers turning their attention to your network next.

Microsoft goofs up Patch Tuesday, forced to re-release security patches

Microsoft can’t afford to keep messing up like this.

The risk is that millions of users around the world will begin to question Microsoft’s ability to properly patch security vulnerabilities, and lose trust in the firm.

The case of the missing Microsoft security update

Microsoft told us that they would have 14 security bulletins ready for Patch Tuesday.

But only 13 have appeared…

Brace yourself. Critical security patches from Microsoft are just around the corner

On Tuesday, Microsoft will be releasing its latest bundle of essential security patches – protecting against exploitable vulnerabilities in various versions of Windows, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Sharepoint and Frontpage.

Over 20 security holes found in Windows, IE and other software. Patch now

Don’t delay – patch your systems now…

Or risk falling victim to cybercriminals taking advantage of newly uncovered security flaws.

Buggy critical security update causes video blackout. Microsoft stays silent over flaw

WTF!? WMV security hole fix from Microsoft leads to problems for video makers.

Microsoft patches Windows, Internet Explorer and Office against funky font security flaws

Flaws in the way Windows handles TrueType font files and a zero-day flaw found by Google researcher Tavis Ormandy are addressed in Microsoft’s latest Patch Tuesday.

Make sure your computer is properly protected as soon as possible.

Microsoft plans critical security update for Tuesday. Patch before you’re pwned

Microsoft says it will be issuing seven security updates, including six that the firm classifies as “critical”, on Tuesday 8 July.

Make sure your computer is patched promptly, or risk having it attacked by cybercriminals.

Microsoft warns in advance of five security bulletins it will publish on Tuesday. Are you ready to patch?

Windows and Microsoft Office are in the firing line.

But will Google engineer Tavis Ormandy’s latest security hole also be fixed?

Patch your computers now – Microsoft and Adobe roll out critical security fixes for widely used software

Critical security fixes have been issued for Adobe and Microsoft software – including protection against zero-day flaws in Internet Explorer.

Make sure you protect your systems as soon as possible.

Patch Tuesday promises a critical fix for Internet Explorer 8 – and not a moment too soon

Patch Tuesday approaches, and it looks like Microsoft will be fixing a zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer that criminals have been exploiting.

Microsoft tells all Windows 7 users to uninstall security patch, after some PCs fail to restart

Microsoft has advised all users of Windows 7 who installed a security update to uninstall it, after some customers found their computers would not restart or applications would not load.

Microsoft readies monster-sized security patch for Windows users

Patch Tuesday is approaching, and for users of Microsoft’s software it’s going to be a monster.

Make sure that you patch Internet Explorer as soon as possible.

Did you buy a Microsoft Surface? Here come the first critical security patches

For the first time, owners of new Microsoft Surface tablets will be applying security patches to their systems next week.