Patch Tuesday

Patch now! Microsoft releases fixes for 99 security flaws, some being actively exploited by hackers

It’s one of the largest Patch Tuesday updates ever issued by Microsoft, and includes fixes for 12 security vulnerabilities that have been given the highest severity rating of “critical.”

The clock is ticking. IT teams should waste no time in readying themselves for a roll-out across the Windows computers for which they’re responsible.

27% of Windows users are still running Windows 7. They need to stop now

At 11am PST (7pm UK), Microsoft will release its last ever Patch Tuesday updates for Windows 7. After today, Microsoft says it won’t release any more security patches for the ageing operating system.

Patch now! Microsoft fixes over 50 serious security flaws

This week saw the second Tuesday of the month, and everyone who is responsible for protecting Windows computers knows what that means: another bundle of security patches have been released by Microsoft.

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It’s time to patch your Microsoft and Adobe software again against vulnerabilities

It’s the second Tuesday of the month, and you know what that means… Yep, it’s time for another bundle of essential security updates from Microsoft.

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Microsoft strangles critical vulnerabilities, including in-the-wild zero-day flaw. Patch now!

Microsoft has once again released a batch of essential security updates for users of its software. What are you waiting for?

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Microsoft issues critical security patches. Have you updated yet?

Yep, we’ve finally reached the point where people are having to update their augmented reality headsets with security patches.

But for those of us with their feet firmly planted in the real world, there are plenty of fixes for Internet Explorer, Edge, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office and more.

Smashing Security podcast #029: Exploits to get your English teeth into

Microsoft gives us a Patch Tuesday shock, malware grows up for the Mac, and your mouse movements might reveal if you’re an identity thief.

All this and more is discussed in the latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by special guest Javvad Malik of AlienVault.

Microsoft patches Word zero-day vulnerability being actively exploited in attacks

Microsoft has issued patches for 44 vulnerabilities, 13 of which are rated “critical”.

Google goes public about unpatched Windows vulnerability

Google security engineers have once again made details of a vulnerability in Microsoft’s software public, before Microsoft has been able to roll out a patch.

Microsoft has patched the zero-day security hole disclosed by Google

This Patch Tuesday update includes a fix for the vulnerability that Google engineers controversially chose to make public last week.

Microsoft says patch your Windows PCs now against critical security vulnerabilities

Don’t rest on your laurels. Critical security vulnerabilities have been discovered, so patch your vulnerable computer systems now.

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Microsoft issues security patches for 31 separate vulnerabilities

Critical bugs are fixed, but the Badlock bug fails to live up to the hype.

Make sure that your PCs are patched.

Microsoft sneaks nagging Windows 10 ads into critical security patch

Microsoft really really wants your business to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible. But maybe sneaking adverts into security patches in order to shame sysadmins isn’t the right approach…

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Video: Computer security updates and Patch Tuesday

Microsoft and Adobe has issued a brace of important security patches, helping to keep your computer protected against malicious hackers exploiting vulnerabilities.

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday brings FREAK fix for Windows users, and more

It’s one of the biggest Patch Tuesdays in recent times, as Microsoft rolls out critical fixes for its software.

Amongst the goodies? A patch for the SSL-busting FREAK attack.

Sometimes it’s better if software patches don’t come out too quickly

If we want more secure, better-working software we need to understand that the software vendors need to be given the time, space and resources to make them to that high standard.