password security

Now Tumblr gets two-factor authentication, boosts security for users against account hijacks

If you’re a Tumblr user, I would recommend enabling this new security option as soon as possible.

It can help stop hackers taking over your account.

Passwords leaked on live TV as UK responds to flood emergency

The UK has been hit hard by extreme weather conditions, with transport systems shut down, homes flooded and high winds cutting electricity supplies.

So the authorities probably don’t have time to make sure there’s nothing sensitive in view of the camera crews…

Can anyone guess what the Super Bowl’s super-secure WiFi password is?

The team behind the Super Bowl takes security really seriously.

And were proud to show off just how serious they were about security, when CBS’s camera crew came around…

Listen to Graham Cluley discussing password security on WGN Radio 720

Last week I was invited onto the “Bill and Wendy Show” on Chicago’s WGN Radio 720.

The topic started off as password security, but quickly tackled a number of other computer security and online safety issues.

42 million passwords exposed following massive dating website hack

In what must rate as one of the worst password security breaches ever, it has been discovered that the names, addresses, dates of birth and *unencrypted* passwords of over 40 million online daters have been stolen by hackers.

Are you one of those who has been put at risk?

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer is a twerp when it comes to smartphone security

“I don’t have a passcode on my phone”, says woman heading up company responsible for protecting privacy of hundreds of millions of internet users.

Prince William photos accidentally reveal RAF password

Prince William gets photographed doing his day job – unfortunately, someone didn’t spot the password pinned to the wall behind him..

The worst passwords you could ever choose exposed by Yahoo Voices hack

Ninja? Princess? 123456?

Too many internet users are making poor decisions when choosing their passwords.

Sarah Palin’s email hacker is imprisoned, against judge’s recommendation

It was a computer security story that made headlines around the world, involving the private emails of a woman who could have become Vice President of the United States.