The lax computer security of British MPs – as detailed in their own tweets

Nadine Dorries MP has – perhaps unintentionally – exposed the appalling computer security practices that she and her fellow politicians have in place.

Hackers try to break into Scottish parliament email accounts weeks after Westminster attack

Is your email hardened against brute force attacks?

Now criminals are ringing up British MPs to ask them their passwords

Passwords are supposed to be secret. However nicely someone asks you, don’t tell them your password.

Hackers attempt to break into UK MPs’ email accounts, as Houses of Parliament targeted by cyber attack

The British Houses of Parliament have been targeted by hackers who attempted to break into email accounts of MPs and their staff.

Here are simple steps that everyone – not just the UK’s top politicians – should take to better defend their systems.

MPs warn of rise of identity-stealing bank-robbing malware

Identity-stealing bank-robbing malware is a growing threat to Britain.

That’s the conclusion of the UK Parliament’s Science and Technology Select Committee who have published a report calling on the Government to launch a “prolonged awareness raising campaign to increase public understanding of personal online security.”