Why USB sticks are a serious threat, as explained in French, with Lego. Oh, and a crocodile.

The moral of this French computer security video is apparently that you should be wary of USB sticks (and crocodiles) in your Lego-built office.

Orange hacked again. 1.3 million customers have their personal data stolen

Orange must have something of a red face right now, as it has found itself in the embarrassing position of admitting that hackers have made away with customer information for the second time this year.

Orange hacked. 800,000 French customers have their personal data stolen

French telecom firm Orange says that it lost nearly 800,000 customer details.

The good news: Orange says the passwords can’t be used.

The bad news: we don’t have a clue what that means. Were they encrypted? Were encrypted passwords salted and hashed? Orange isn’t saying.