Operation Pawn Storm


Russia blamed for hacking Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff email system

Could this latest attack be another salvo in Operation Pawn Storm?

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Hopefully you’ve either updated Java, or removed it from your computer

Oracle issued a Godzilla-sized Critical Patch Update on Tuesday, fixing a stonking 193 new security vulnerabilities in its software.

And with at least one new Java vulnerability being actively exploited in the wild, it’s time you did something about it.


A new Java zero-day vulnerability is being exploited in the wild

Operation Pawn Storm is up to its dirty tricks again, this time with what is claimed to be the first new Java zero-day vulnerability in two years.

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Russian government hacked the White House, claims report

CNN is claiming that hackers, backed by the Russian government, have hacked into parts of the White House computer system.

Hackers target military, embassy and defense workers in Operation Pawn Storm

A group of organised hackers are targeting government, media and military organisations in the United States, Pakistan, and across Europe.

Always take care logging into your company’s email via the web…