Twitter accounts of The Olympics and FC Barcelona hijacked by OurMine hacking group

The International Olympic Committee and FC Barcelona are the latest victims of a spree of Twitter account hijacks orchestrated by the notorious OurMine gang.

Read more in my article on the Hot for Security blog.

Sochi Olympics hacking fears hyped by misleading NBC TV report

Earlier this week, NBC News broadcast a sensational report about the dangers of taking computers to the Sochi Olympics in Russia.

Unfortunately, it’s complete bunk – and badly misrepresents the facts.

Olympic malware poses as US Women’s Gymnastics scandal video

US gymnast Gabrielle Douglas has won a gold medal at the London Olympics – but a spammed out message claims that she is embroiled in a drug scandal.

Should you rush to watch the video? Of course not, malware lurks at the end of the spammed-out link..

Olympic Games and cyber attacks – be on your guard

With the Olympics coming to London, there may be opportunities for criminals, hacktivists and mischief-makers to make a high profile attack against the event’s computer systems.

But what about your own computers, and your personal data and finances?