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Oculus chief latest social media hack victim

BBC News reports:

The chief executive of Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus, Brendan Iribe, has become the latest in a string of company bosses to have their social media accounts hacked.

The Oculus boss had his Twitter account compromised, but it is now restored.

Brendan. Take your bloody stupid virtual reality goggles off and see the wood for the trees.

Hackers are trawling through the huge database of leaked LinkedIn passwords and trying their luck to see if it will help them get into your other online accounts.

Anyone who has a Twitter account should enable two-step verification to make their accounts harder to hack into (that goes for Facebook too, by the way, as well as many other sites).

And while we’re on the topic - can everyone please start using different passwords for different websites? It’s really not that hard if you use a password manager (which can also remember your long and complicated passwords for you).

You can read more, including some comments from me, in the BBC News report.