Yes, there has been a data breach at O2. But it’s not really their fault

It’s not just O2 customers who should be concerned, despite what some of the headlines may make you believe.

Verizon gives 120 million customers a cookie they can’t delete

Verizon has been adding a unique identifier to its cell phone customers’ web traffic – and it can be used to track users’ actions in exactly the same way as a cookie can.

But, unlike a cookie, it can’t be deleted.

O2 phishing emails pose as network disruption apology

Phishers have taken advantage of the network disruption suffered by the O2 mobile network earlier this month.

Is your smartphone telling every website you visit your telephone number?

O2 mobile users in the UK are venting on Twitter today, fuming at their discovery that their phone number is being shared with every website that they visit over the network.

But users of other mobile phone networks may be also affected.