Critical Windows 10 security fix pushed out after NSA warns Microsoft of spying vulnerability

Hundreds of millions of Windows 10 users are having an important patch rolled out to their computers today after Microsoft was warned by the NSA of a serious security hole in the operating system.

Reality Winner pleads guilty after being unmasked by microdots

Reality Winner, the US government contractor who leaked top secret documents about Russian hacking, has pleaded guilty.


The NSA wants its algorithms to be a global IoT standard. But they’re simply not trusted

Part of the concern is that the Simon and Speck algorithms might contain encryption backdoors that would be abused by US authorities.

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Global ransomware outbreak hits organisations hard

There are multiple reports from countries around the world that their computers have been hit by ransomware.

Smashing Security podcast #024: Reality Winner, Gordon Ramsay and a leaky bucket

In this latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast, the team are joined by Ian Whalley to discuss NSA leaks, the secret yellow dots on your printouts, careless cloud security and Gordon Ramsay’s entanglement with hackers.

How The Intercept might have helped unmask Reality Winner to the NSA

The Intercept might have unwittingly helped unmask Reality Winner, a government contractor who allegedly leaked a NSA document about Russian hacking to the news outlet.

David Bisson reports.

Cryptocurrency-mining malware has been using WannaCry’s NSA exploit for weeks

A cryptocurrency-mining malware began exploiting a leaked NSA vulnerability several weeks before WannaCry sank its teeth into it.

David Bisson reports.

Microsoft: WannaCry outbreak reveals why governments shouldn’t hoard vulnerabilities

The NSA built the exploit which was used by the WannaCry ransomware to spread. But the NSA only told Microsoft because hackers had stolen the details from them.

Understandably, Microsoft is less than impressed…

David Bisson reports.


Shadow Brokers re-emerge, with NSA’s secret exploits for sale

Having failed in its attempt to auction off a collection of hacking tools, implants and software exploits stolen from the NSA, the mysterious Shadow Brokers group are now offering them individually for sale on the web.

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Cisco customers targeted by hackers using leaked NSA hacking tools

Cisco has announced it will be releasing a patch for a zero-day vulnerability exploited by a group of NSA hackers.

David Bisson reports.


NSA website goes down as hackers auction stolen ‘cyber weapons’

If you try to visit the NSA’s website right now, you’re in for a big disappointment.

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Two different ways to attack a drone

Drones are the subject of the latest hacking scoop from The Intercept, based upon documents handed over to them by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Meanwhile, Dutch Police have a different approach…

Mass-surveillance ‘undermines security’ and failed to stop 9/11 attacks, says ex-NSA officer

According to a former NSA officer, bulk data collection by intelligence agencies has resulted in the loss of life before, and it will lead to more lives lost in the future.

David Bisson reports.

Edward Snowden joins Twitter. Guess who is the only account he’s following?

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has joined Twitter. And he is being very picky over who he chooses to follow…

Not all anti-virus firms are of interest to the NSA and GCHQ, leaked files reveal

You know you’ve really made it as an anti-virus company when intelligence agencies like the NSA and the United Kingdom’s GCHQ are looking for vulnerabilities in your software, and interested in spying on the emails that your customers send you about new malware.

You’re right to be skeptical over Sunday Times Snowden story

The Sunday Times published an alarming story in the UK this weekend, suggesting that the lives of British and American spies have been put at risk after Russian and Chinese authorities gained access to over a million documents taken by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

But should we trust it?