N3v$r M1^d password rules. Get a password manager to generate and remember your passwords instead

Struggling with passwords? The easiest thing to do is get a decent password manager.

New NIST guidelines banish periodic password changes

New draft guidelines have been issued by NIST are recommending that users should not be forced to periodically change their passwords.

Guest contributor Bob Covello reports.

Cybersecurity is just too much trouble for the general public, claims study

Oh dear. It may very well be National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but a new study suggests that many of the general public have thrown in the towel and given up.

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Practical steps for strengthening your company’s password rules

If we can build better rules for acceptable passwords, we can do a better job of protecting users’ privacy and confidential company databases.

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Barack Obama’s SSL certificate, NASA and NIST among those to fall as government shutdown hits sites

Barack Obama’s website may still be up and running, but no-one has paid for his SSL certificate to be renewed.

How the NSA cheated cryptography

Cheating with the privacy of billions of internet users is nothing but very, very wrong.

Martijn Grooten takes a close look at elliptic curves, as he describes the maths behind the NSA’s backdoor.

Secret documents reveal NSA spying on encrypted internet communications

If you haven’t read the articles in the New York Times or The Guardian today, you probably should.

The NSA is not just spying on encrypted internet communications, it is covertly working to make encryption weaker.