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New Zealand budget details leaked due to website sloppiness, not hackers

Earlier this week, the New Zealand government was claiming that it had suffered a “deliberate and systematic” hacking attack that resulted in budget details ending up in the hands of its political opponents.

But that’s not what had really happened…

Terrorist’s mainfesto used to spread disk-wiping malware

Following mass-shooting in New Zealand, someone has taken a copy of the terrorist’s Word document and weaponised it to download malicious code from the internet.

Is one of the world’s oldest viruses haunting the Bitcoin Blockchain?

Microsoft Security Essentials false alarms on the Bitcoin Blockchain, warning of a DOS virus that’s over 25 years old.

Fears for safety of Royal couple, after tweets reveal exact details of New Zealand tour

Precise details of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour of New Zealand are posted on Twitter.

Was that sensible?

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Ambulance service disrupted by computer virus infection

Anyone who still thinks that virus-writing is “mostly harmless” and only really impacts the foolish who don’t have backups, should consider what the possible consequences of taking down the systems of an ambulance emergency service might mean.

Auckland earthquake email hoax debunked by New Zealand media

Internet users in New Zealand have reportedly received emails, spreading a sick hoax that claims an earthquake is predicted to hit the city of Auckland on Sunday, April 17th.

New Zealand websites hijacked

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Government departments in New Zealand and Bulgaria hit by viruses

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New Zealand hacker jailed in computer fraud and blackmail case

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