New York

NY cops urge public to upgrade to iOS 7 to help fight phone crime

New York Police are urging iPhone users to upgrade their devices to iOS 7.

The reason? To deter phone thieves.

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iPhone thief posts picture of himself seemingly smoking pot on victim’s Facebook page

Do you recognise this man?

If so, the police would like to hear from you.

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NYC Traffic Ticket spam is really Blackhole malware attack

Have you received a traffic ticket from New York cops?

Or are you actually a target for a spammed-out malware attack?

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Diplomat held at JFK airport with a lot of cash – a convoluted Nigerian email scam

A diplomat has been stopped at JFK airport in New York, carrying a lot of cash destined for your bank account.

Please send the certificate proving you own the money, or you’ll be charged with money laundering..

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‘Pepper spray’ officer named by Occupy Wall Street activists

Should a New York policeman’s name, address and family details be published on the internet by activists – because he is alleged to have pepper-sprayed Wall Street protestors?

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Uniform traffic ticket malware attack widely spammed out

Computer users beware! There’s a new widely spammed-out malware attack, claiming that you have being fined for speeding in New York City.

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FBI searches homes of suspected Anonymous hacktivists in New York

Homes in Long Island and Brooklyn, New York, are raided by FBI agents searching for evidence related to a series of denial of service attacks.

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