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New York Times profiles one of its own security experts

Last week, the New York Times published a brief profile of privacy and security researcher Runa Sandvik.

Well known in the security community, Sandvik has been working at the New York Times since March 2016, boosting the security and privacy of journalists, anonymous sources, and indeed subscribers.

Twitter hack sees New York Times warn of Russian missile strike against USA

Vladimir Putin is planning a missile strike on the United States?

Hold your horses, it’s the latest example of a newspaper having one of its Twitter accounts hacked.

US reportedly blaming North Korea for Sony Pictures hack. But why?

It would be good to know what the evidence is, as it sure doesn’t have the hallmarks of a state-sponsored attack.

US and British spies invade World of Warcraft in hunt for online criminals and terrorists

It sounds extraordinary, but it seems American and UK intelligence agencies infiltrated popular video games in their hunt for criminal gangs and terrorists.

Should Americans be worried about NSA surveillance? [VIDEO]

The New York Times has released a thought-provoking short video explaining why regular American citizens should be concerned about the revelations of NSA surveillance on the internet.

How Outbrain got hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

Popular websites like CNN, The Washington Post and Time magazine were impacted by the hack, and the New York Times escaped by the skin of its teeth.

New York Times website goes down, amid cyber attack rumours. But is that true?

A few hours ago Twitter was ablaze with rumours and claims from unnamed sources that the New York Times could be suffering from a massive internet attack.

But was that what really happened?

A short history of hacking attacks against the media

The revelation of the Chinese hacking campaign against reporters working for the New York Times has raised awareness of targeted malware attacks, but what does the history of cyberattacks against media agencies look like?

Graham Cluley takes a trip down memory lane..

Chinese hackers break into the New York Times, steal every employee’s password

Chinese hackers have been infiltrating the newspaper’s networks, broken into the email accounts of senior staff, stolen the corporate passwords for every Times employee and used those to gain access to the personal computers of 53 employees.

Stuxnet: How USA and Israel created anti-Iran virus, and then lost control of it

The Stuxnet virus was created by the USA to target an Iranian nuclear facility, but accidentally escaped into the wider world, claims the New York Times.

NYT journalist: My email was hacked in Beijing

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Hackers bought ad space directly from New York Times

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Fake anti-virus attack hits New York Times website readers

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Spammers hack New York Times account on Twitter

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