Password-stealing security hole discovered in many Netgear routers

A security researcher has described how he uncovered a severe security hole in dozens of different Netgear routers, meaning that “hundreds of thousands, if not over a million” devices could be at risk of having their admin passwords stolen by hackers.

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Netgear releases firmware updates for vulnerable routers

Netgear releases patches for serious vulnerability that allows a remote unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary commands with root privileges on affected routers.

CERT warns Netgear routers can be easily exploited

It has not been a good year for the internet of things, security-wise.

The latest IoT devices found vulnerable to trivial exploitation? Netgear routers.

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Got one of these Netgear wireless routers? You’ve got a security problem

A warning has been issued about what appears to be a serious security issue affecting several Netgear WiFi routers, and could result in hackers stealing sensitive information, including admin passwords and wireless keys.

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