Smashing Security podcast #181: Anti-cybercrime ads, tricky tracing, and a 5G Bioshield

Police are hoping to stop kids becoming cybercriminals by bombarding them with Google Ads, phishers rub their hands in glee at the NHS track and trace service, and just how does a nano-layer of quantum holographic catalyzer technology make a USB stick cost hundreds of pounds?

All this and much much more is discussed in the latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast.

Hackers should beware bogus UPS couriers bearing handcuffs…

Alexander J Martin of The Register describes the arrest of British student Lauri Love, who allegedly hacked the FBI and NSA, and is wanted for extradition by the United States: Lauri Love was arrested on suspicion of offences under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 early in the evening of 25 October 2013, when a National

Teenagers increasingly being lured into the world of online crime

Experts say that teenagers are increasingly being attracted to the world of online crime because of the appeal of the environment and the kudos they can receive.

David Bisson reports.

UK’s National Crime Agency hit by DDoS attack, following LizardStresser arrests

Last week, users of Lizard Squad’s DDoS-on-demand service were feeling the heat after arrests were made by UK police.

This week, it’s the UK’s National Crime Agency which has found itself the victim of a denial-of-service attack.

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A bad week for UK hackers: 56 suspected cybercriminals arrested

56 suspected hackers have been arrested by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) as part of what British police are calling “strike week” against cybercriminals.

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Computer cops strike at the heart of Shylock malware

Computer crime fighters have seized essential infrastructure used by the highly advanced Shylock banking malware, effectively neutralising an attack which has already infected at least 30,000 Windows computers.

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Police tell UK public they have only hours to combat GameOver Zeus malware

Have you checked your computer for the GameOver Zeus malware?

British police say you only have until midnight on Tuesday. So you might want to get a move on…

British man accused of hacking US military servers, planting backdoors

28-year-old man accused of exploiting vulnerabilities in Pentagon computer servers, and accessing information about military personnel.