Ex-Times journalist escapes trial over alleged NightJack email hack

Former Times journalist Patrick Foster will not be tried over allegations that he hacked into the email account of the anonymous police blogger, NightJack.

Other journalists would be unwise to see this as a green light for email hacking.

Error 451: Freedom of speech not found. UK Gawker readers left baffled

Gawker’s article about Rebekah Brooks and senior members of the Murdoch media empire is blocked from UK readers.

But once something is published on the internet, it’s very very hard to hide it. As soon as something is “out there”, your chances of being able to lock it away back in a box are often very small.

China is still hacking the Wall Street Journal, claims Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch claims that the Wall Street Journal is still being troubled by hackers, after a week of Chinese hacking revelations.

Times reporter arrested over NightJack blogger email hack

Scotland Yard has arrested a former journalist with The Times in connection with an alleged hack of an anonymous blogger’s email account in 2009.

Leveson Inquiry hears claims of newspaper computer hacking

Were newspaper journalists responsible for not just phone hacking.. but computer hacking too?

Leveson phone hacking inquiry interrupted.. by a Trojan horse

The first day of an inquiry into phone hacking by the British media was briefly interrupted today, by a Trojan horse.

The Sun warns thousands of readers exposed by data breach

The Sun newspaper has warned that thousands of people who participated in competitions on its website might have had their personal information stolen.

Victims included applicants for the Miss Scotland beauty contest.

Police probe into claims of computer hacking by Murdoch’s News International

British police are investigating possible cases of computer hacking, in the ongoing probe into the activities of The News of the World and News International.

The Sun gets hacked by LulzSec – VIDEO

The LulzSec hacking gang has hacked the website of Britian’s top-selling newspaper, The Sun.

Visitors to the website were redirected to a fake news story claiming that Rupert Murdoch had been found dead, or to LulzSec’s own Twitter page.

Gordon Brown says newspapers also used malware to hack computers

New claims are being made that journalists didn’t just spy on celebrities and members of the public by listening to voicemail messages but also used malware to hack into computers.

Did sex-life bloggers have their computers hacked by Murdoch newspaper?

Two famous sex-life bloggers wonder out loud whether they were sent a Trojan horse by a British newspaper.

BBC Panorama investigates News of the World computer hacking

Did a British newspaper hire a hacker to infect someone’s computer with a spyware Trojan horse?