Edward Snowden – the movie

The trailer for Oliver Stone’s upcoming movie about Edward Snowden has hit the internet.

Fake “The Interview” app is really an Android banking trojan

An Android app claims to download a copy of “The Interview” but instead installs a two-stage banking Trojan onto victims’ devices.

US reportedly blaming North Korea for Sony Pictures hack. But why?

It would be good to know what the evidence is, as it sure doesn’t have the hallmarks of a state-sponsored attack.

All it takes to cancel a movie premiere is an anonymous Pastebin post

The New York premiere of Seth Rogen’s movie “The Interview” has been cancelled. The reason? Someone posted this anonymously on PasteBin…

Crowdfunded movie asks “What happens when facial recognition becomes sentient?”

If the thought of Facebook facial recognition and internet surveillance sends a chill down your spine, then maybe you’re the ideal audience for new ultra-low budget sci-fi movie “Nightmare Code”.

Boobytrapped movie files could infect your Mac – patch now!

Be careful watching movies on your Mac – they could come with an unexpected extra feature… malware.

Be sure to install Apple’s critical security update now.

White House Down: Hacker blows up the US Government… in the movies

It’s great that we can rely upon Hollywood to present the threats posed by hacking in a serious, level-headed way.

You WEREN'T in a sex movie with Sherrie, so why open the link?

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