Microsoft Excel

Mac users warned that disabling all Office macros doesn’t actually disable all Office macros

It’s been almost 25 years since macro malware first reared its head, and it would be nice to think that the defences Microsoft has built into its Office suite in the years since would do a half-decent job of stemming the threat.

Unfortunately, it seems that’s not the case – at least not for users of the Mac version of Microsoft Office.

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Cryptomining with JavaScript in an Excel spreadsheet

It didn’t take long at all for a security researcher to demonstrate how easy it was to turn an Excel spreadsheet into a cryptomining machine.

Bad guys have something new to play with! Microsoft Excel adds support for JavaScript

Microsoft has launched some new features in its Excel spreadsheet software that will boost its power. But will that only be for the benefit of users?

Excel pivot table data leak leads to £120,000 fine for London council

A London council has been fined £120,000 for accidentally revealing the names of people who owned empty properties. An error that could have been avoided with a simple double-click.

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