Britain’s most infamous spy reminds us of the danger of the insider threat

Time and technology have moved in on the intervening years, but the threat posed by insiders within your organisation remains real.

You’re right to be skeptical over Sunday Times Snowden story

The Sunday Times published an alarming story in the UK this weekend, suggesting that the lives of British and American spies have been put at risk after Russian and Chinese authorities gained access to over a million documents taken by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

But should we trust it?

Five reasons the MI6 story is a lie

Former ambassador and human rights activist Craig Murray doesn’t believe the story published this weekend in the Sunday Times.

My message to MI6? I’m not expecting you to stop terrorism

We can’t stop terrorism unless we spy on the innocent?

I’m fine with that. I’m not expecting you to stop terrorism.

If the authorities miss some of the bad guys, sometimes, that’s an acceptable risk.

Just like we’re prepared to take a risk crossing the road, catching an aeroplane, or eating donuts.

MI6 chief’s wife puts security at risk on Facebook

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