The perils of working from home with young children

I work from home. I frequently do media interviews via Skype. I have a young child.

It’s a dangerous cocktail.

BAE Systems didn’t tell the truth about hedge fund cyberattack, duped the media

BAE Systems’ story about a hacking attack against a hedge fund, which received widespread media attention was not truthful.

Or, as the firm prefers to describe it, “incorrectly presented”.

The massive lie about anti-virus technology

Security veteran Stephen Cobb believes that there is a lie being told about anti-virus software, and that it’s time the public knew the truth.

A short history of hacking attacks against the media

The revelation of the Chinese hacking campaign against reporters working for the New York Times has raised awareness of targeted malware attacks, but what does the history of cyberattacks against media agencies look like?

Graham Cluley takes a trip down memory lane..

Virus-writing contests are still a bad idea

There has been a right hoohah in the media and blogosphere about the “Race To Zero” contest being arranged for the next Defcon conference. In a nutshell, the “Race To Zero” organisers think it’s a good idea to encourage people to create new malware variants in order to test anti-virus products.