McAfee joins the anti-Kaspersky witch hunt in shitty attempt to sell a few boxes

A witch hunt against a long-established major player in the infosecurity space should be something that brings the industry together. It’s ghastly to see how McAfee is behaving.

Lessons to learn as McAfee’s LinkedIn page is hijacked

For any corporate brand to have its social media account hijacked by mischief makers is embarrassing, but for it to happen to a major computer security company is downright humiliating.

Intel to quit the security business (again), and jettison McAfee?

A long time ago, Intel used to have its own anti-virus product. They called it Intel LanDesk Virus Protect. Intel LanDesk Virus Protect got gobbled up by Symantec in 1998, and most of us thought that the chip giant had quit the security business. Fast forward 12 years to 2010 and Intel surprised us all

How to login as an admin on McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. No password required

I’m speechless.

If your company is going to continue using McAfee Enterprise Security Manager please ensure that the patches are installed. Pronto.

John McAfee is running for president

John McAfee, the shy-and-retiring inventor of the McAfee anti-virus product and more recently Belize’s most notorious fugitive, is reportedly running for the presidency of the United States.

Not all anti-virus firms are of interest to the NSA and GCHQ, leaked files reveal

You know you’ve really made it as an anti-virus company when intelligence agencies like the NSA and the United Kingdom’s GCHQ are looking for vulnerabilities in your software, and interested in spying on the emails that your customers send you about new malware.

It’s a complete mystery why Intel would want to drop the McAfee brand name…

Goodbye McAfee. Hello Intel Security, and some free anti-virus products.

Hacking and cybercrime evolution at IP EXPO

Neither breaking the law nor poor renditions of power ballads should ever be considered a qualification to speak at an IT event about computer security.

Why you can’t trust John McAfee’s tech support video advice

By now, you’ve probably all watched (with jaws agog) the NSFW video where John McAfee describes – with the merest hint of sex and drugs – how to uninstall McAfee Antivirus.

But a closer analysis of the video shows that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

How to uninstall McAfee Antivirus.. by John McAfee [NSFW VIDEO]

John McAfee says, while avoiding the Belize police, that he still gets plenty of people asking how they can uninstall the software bearing his name.

Oracle, please stop sneakily foisting third-party toolbars on us with your Java updates

If you’re installing a critical security update on your computer, caused by the software vendor’s sloppy code quality, you probably wouldn’t dream that your software vendor is trying to make some money out of the inconvenience.

Windows 8 to have built-in anti-virus – there’s good and bad news

Microsoft will ship Windows 8 with built-in anti-virus software.

Which is good news. And bad news. To find out who for, read on..

Shady RAT: The biggest ever cyber-attack?

The media are in a frenzy today, excitedly reporting the “biggest ever cyber-attack”.

The reason? A report published today by McAfee called “Revealed: Operation Shady RAT”.

Intel sells anti-virus business, waits 12 years, buys anti-virus business

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Fake anti-virus poses as free McAfee VirusScan

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Scareware hackers exploit McAfee false positive problem

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