Apple fixes flaw that displayed actual password rather than password hint

If you’re running macOS High Sierra on your desktop or laptop, stop right now and make sure you have applied the latest security update.

Read more in my article on the Hot for Security blog.

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Smashing Security #029: Exploits to get your English teeth into

Microsoft gives us a Patch Tuesday shock, malware grows up for the Mac, and your mouse movements might reveal if you’re an identity thief.

All this and more is discussed in the latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by special guest Javvad Malik of AlienVault.

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Apple users advised to update their software now, as new security patches released

Welcome to the post-WannaCry world, where every computer user understands the importance of creating secure backups and applying security patches in a timely fashion.

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Malware warning for Mac users, after HandBrake mirror download server hacked

A mirror download server for the popular tool HandBrake video file-transcoding app has been compromised by hackers, who replaced its Mac edition with malware.

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How to recover from the OSX/Filecoder.E ransomware on your Mac

Buggy Mac ransomware didn’t offer a method of recovery even if you paid the extortionists. Until now.

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Destructive Mac ransomware spread as cracks to pirate commercial software

In their ever-increasing aggressiveness to wring even more money out of victims, it’s perhaps no surprise to see some online extortionists creating ransomware targeted against affluent Mac users.

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Apple issues security patches for… just about everything

If you have a piece of Apple technology in your house or office, chances are that it’s time you updated it.

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A boobytrapped JPEG could infect your iPhone. Upgrade to iOS 10.1 now

iOS 10.1 and macOS Sierra 10.12.1 are out, and they include a number of serious security patches – including one designed to protect you from malicious code hiding inside a boobytrapped JPEG image file.

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