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LulzSec hacking suspect ‘Topiary’ arrested in the Shetland Islands

An 18-year old man, believed to be “Topiary” of the LulzSec hacktivist gang, has been arrested by British police in the Shetland Islands, under suspicion of launching hacking attacks against a number of websites.

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FBI searches LulzSec suspect’s home in Hamilton, Ohio

The international investigation into the notorious LulzSec hacking gang continues, with news that FBI agents have searched a house in Hamilton, Ohio.

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The end of LulzSec? Hacking group says it is disbanding, after 50 days of attacks

LulzSec says its 50 day cruise is over, and it must now sail into the distance.

Has the hacking group really abandoned ship?

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CIA website brought down by DDoS attack, LulzSec hackers claim responsibility

The CIA’s website is currently inaccessible, having apparently fallen foul of a LulzSec distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

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Nintendo latest to fall victim to hacker attacks

Nintendo is the latest well-known name to fall victim to a series of cyber-attacks that have been dominating the IT headlines in recent weeks.

But it seems the hackers have a lot more love for Nintendo than Sony.

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Hackers steal Fox TV passwords, deface Twitter and LinkedIn pages

A group of hackers calling themselves Lulz Security have gained access to a server belonging to the Fox Broadcasting network, and published details of hundreds of employees usernames and passwords on the net.

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