love bug

Talking love and viruses on the BBC World Service

Can you believe it’s very nearly exactly 20 years since the Love Bug virus spread around the world, infecting millions of computers? No, I can’t either…

A few weeks ago it was my pleasure to be interviewed by the BBC’s Gabriela Jones for a World Service “Witness History” documentary all about the Love Bug virus (aka ILOVEYOU or LoveLetter), and now you can listen to it too!

Smashing Security #019: The Love Bug virus

On May 4th 2000, the Love Bug virus (also known as ILOVEYOU or LoveLetter) rapidly spread around the world, clogging up email systems.

Computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault are joined on the podcast this week by special guest John Hawes for a trip down memory lane.

I LOVE YOU – Virus-inspired movie trailer and world premiere

The Love Bug, one the most infamous viruses of all time, has inspired a movie. Will you go to see it?

10 years ago today: The Love Bug computer worm

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Memories of the Love Bug worm

Do you remember when the Love Bug worm spread around the world?

I remember pretty clearly Thursday, May 4th 2000.

A virus romantic movie?

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