Your Android lock screen pattern isn’t as safe as a PIN code

What’s safer? Using a numeric PIN code to unlock your Android smartphone or relying on a finger squiggle? The answer might surprise you.

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Once again, Siri helps attackers bypass your iPhone’s passcode

It would be nice to think that as we’re now up to iOS 10 that Apple would have prevented such bypasses from working once and for all. But no such luck – for users who have left Siri enabled from the lockscreen at least.

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Is it REALLY this simple to bypass the iPhone and iPad lockscreen?

Researchers claim multiple iOS 9 vulnerabilities allow attackers to bypass Apple device’s built-in passcode security – but some are skeptical.

David Bisson reports.

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iOS 7.03 and iOS 7.1 could be just around the corner, hopefully fixing security bugs

The next version of Apple’s iPhone operating system, iOS 7.03, could be just around the corner – and hopefully it will properly fix some of the security and privacy bugs that have embarrassed the company since the launch of iOS 7.0 last month.

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Yet another iPhone lockscreen vulnerability. This time in iOS 7.02 [VIDEO]

Another day, another privacy vulnerability found in iOS.

When will Apple learn that a lockscreen should really, properly, lock the phone?

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Apple releases iOS 7.02, fixing lockscreen passcode flaw

Apple has released iOS 7.02, hoping (desperately) that it fixes the lockscreen passcode flaws that have been plaguing the company and putting iPhone and iPad users at risk.

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iOS 7 beta bug allows anyone to access the photos on your iPhone [VIDEO]

A new video demonstrates how it’s possible to bypass the passcode on iOS 7’s lock screen to access hundreds of private photos within seconds.

But maybe you shouldn’t panic just yet…

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