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London Underground passengers told to turn off their Wi-Fi if they don’t want to be tracked

From 8 July 2019, travellers on London’s underground tube network may wish to turn off their Wi-Fi first… if they don’t like the idea of being tracked.

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Spying on personal alarms and GPS trackers is as simple as sending an SMS

Security experts found that the devices – manufactured in China, and rebadged by multiple companies around the world – are vulnerable to a simple hack that could allow a hacker to track their location, and even secretly listen in via the microphone.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender BOX blog.

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Popular family tracking app exposed real-time location data onto the internet – no password required

More than 238,000 individuals users have had their family’s real-time location exposed for weeks on end after an app developer left sensitive data exposed on the internet, without a password.

Read more in my article on the Hot for Security blog.

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Pausing ‘Location history’ doesn’t stop Google tracking your location. Here’s how to stop it

You would think that telling Google that you didn’t want your location be tracked by disabling an option called “Location History” would stop the internet giant from errr.. storing data about your location.

Think again.

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How to avoid sharing your location on Facebook and Twitter

Location data shared in your Facebook and Twitter posts could be abused by individuals and advertisers alike.

Yasin Soliman explains how to ensure that you have the proper privacy controls in place.

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Why iOS 8 could be bad news for retailers who want to track your movements

The dramatic rise in popularity of iPhones and iPads in recent years means that Apple has had to become even more effective in protecting against hackers and snoopers.

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Suspicious partners rejoice! Apple iOS 7 creepily records users’ favourite places

The latest beta version of the upcoming new iOS operating system for the iPhone and iPad has a rather creepy feature hidden away in its settings.

But for whose benefit?

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