LinkedIn trumpets the success of its private bug bounty

It’s all very well having a bug bounty program, argues LinkedIn, but how is your organisation going to cope if it is bombarded with hundreds of meaningless and useless reports, that your security team cannot act upon?

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Criminals are after your LinkedIn account – here is how to protect it

Researchers say they have seen an upswing in phishing attacks against LinkedIn users. Find out how to better protect your account.

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Now your LinkedIn account can be better protected than ever before

LinkedIn may not have a spotless record when it comes to security and privacy, but we should give them credit when they do something right.

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Sell Hack, the controversial plugin that offered to uncover LinkedIn email addresses, shuts down for now

Sell Hack, the controversial browser extension that promised to reveal LinkedIn users’ private email addresses has been shut down by its makers (at least temporarily) after they received a cease & desist order from the business networking site.

LinkedIn warns of Sell Hack browser plugin that claims to reveal hidden email addresses

It sounds like a stalker’s or recruitment advisor’s wet dream, but there are good reasons to be wary of the “Sell Hack” tool that offers to reveal any LinkedIn user’s email address.

Want someone to click on your targeted attack? Disguise it as a LinkedIn message

New research reveals that one of the most successful methods of hitting a company with a targeted attack is to disguise it as a simple LinkedIn email.

LinkedIn shutting down its controversial Intro service. Good news for those who care about privacy

When LinkedIn introduced a new service called Intro in October last year, I made my opinion pretty clear: “No thanks. My email security is too important”.

Now LinkedIn has announced that it is killing the privacy-challenged service next month. Good.

GCHQ “created fake LinkedIn, Slashdot webpages” to infect targets with malware

If you work for Belgacom, or any other company of interest to GCHQ and the NSA, perhaps you shouldn’t visit LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Intro? No thanks. My email security is too important

Security isn’t part of LinkedIn’s DNA, so why would you trust them with your email?

Shameful and creepy. LinkedIn opens its doors to kids as young as 13 years old

LinkedIn, the professional networking site, is dropping its minimum age requirement to as young as 13 years old.

LinkedIn spam drives traffic to Toronto Drug Store

That email you just received from LinkedIn might be promoting a Thanksgiving sale of Viagra instead..

Warning: Here are three emails you don’t want to see in your inbox

Spammers are disguising their emails to pretend to come from YouTube, Google and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn spam leads to pump-and-dump stock scam

Spam emails claiming to come from LinkedIn appear to encourage investors to buy shares in a company, with the intention of making money by pumping-and-dumping the stock.

Millions of LinkedIn passwords reportedly leaked – take action NOW

Although not yet confirmed by the business-networking website, it is being widely speculated that over six million passwords belonging to LinkedIn users have been compromised.

LinkedIn spam campaign promotes Viagra-pushing website

Have you received a message from LinkedIn asking you to confirm your email address?

Well, be careful before you click on the link in your inbox, as it could be scammers trying to dupe you into doing something else entirely.

Scammers try to trick LinkedIn users with sob story

Beware messages from LinkedIn contacts claiming that they have lost their wallets, credit cards, etc on a trip and need you to wire them some money.