Facebook-hijacking Faceliker malware is on the rise

Researchers have reported an increase in activity for a Facebook-hijacking threat known as Faceliker.

David Bisson reports.

Online quiz tackles mobile-related malvertising

An online quiz to help consumers spot digital malvertising that can result in unexpected mobile charges has been launched by UK regulator, PhonepayPlus.

Facebook clickjackers said to make over $1 million a month, agree to stop spam

A firm at the centre of allegations that its affiliates flooded Facebook with spam and clickjacking attacks has agreed to clean up its act – after earning up to $1.2 million per month in gross monthly revenues.

Facebook sues alleged clickjacking firm

Facebook has filed a law suit a firm who, they say, bombarded users with clickjacking scams that earned $1.2 million a month.

‘Boy reaction after his Ex girlfriend posted’ clickjacking Facebook scam

A new clickjacking scam spreading across Facebook poses as a video of a boy’s reaction after his ex-girlfriend posts on his wall.

Dad walks in on Daughter Facebook clickjacking attack helps scammers earn money

Once again, scammers are running rings about Facebook’s built-in security measures by spreading a clickjacking scam between users’ accounts.

Lily Allen: Marriage and Facebook clickjacking in the same weekend

Mind where you point that mouse, Lily Allen is a married woman!

Another weekend of Facebook scams, with everything from a revealing Lily Allen to a woman definitely enjoying a roller coaster.

World funniest condom commercial? Facebook hit by viral likejacking attack

Messages are beginning to spread across Facebook, tricking users into clicking on links which claim to point to the world’s funniest condom commercial.

Facebook’s recently announced new security measures have proven ineffective against the clickjacking attack.

Baby Born amazing effect? No, another Facebook likejacking scam

Messages are spreading rapidly across Facebook, as users get tricked into clicking on links claiming to show an amazing video of a big baby being born.

What is FouTube? Viral Facebook clickjacking video scams explored

FouTube, FbVideo, YoTube.. What are these sites?

And why should you be wary of odd video links on Facebook?

Charlie Sheen has NOT been found dead in his house, despite what Facebook clickjackers say

Scammers claim Charlie Sheen has died from a cardiac arrest and been taken away in an ambulance.

But it’s all a Facebook scam to earn revenue by tricking users into taking surveys.

Christina Aguilera got arrested video scam spreads virally on Facebook

The latest scam – which innocent Facebook users are being tricked into clicking on – involves a message about Christina Aguilera, who was arrested in an intoxicated state earlier this week.

Fiona Xie sex videos clickjack Facebook users

In the last 24 hours, admirers of Singapore celebrity Fiona Xie have been tempted into clicking on a link which has spread virally via Facebook.

Cheryl Cole clickjacking on Facebook, posing as a BBC news report

Clickjacking scammers pose as BBC News report and Cheryl Cole paparazzi pictures to earn money via Facebook.

95% say Facebook needs to do more to fight clickjacking worms, poll reveals

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