How to remove ransomware from your LG Smart TV

A software engineer has freed a smart TV from ransomware by using closely guarded factory reset instructions.

David Bisson reports.


How to bypass this LG smartphone’s fingerprint security in just 30 seconds

A troubling vulnerability has been uncovered that may make you think twice about even temporarily allowing an acquaintance to use your new LG V10 Android smartphone.

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Millions of LG G3 smartphones at risk due to ‘SNAP’ vulnerability

A severe security vulnerability has placed millions of LG G3 smartphone users at risk of data theft, phishing attacks, and denial of service on their devices.

David Bisson reports.

LG fumbles response to Smart TV spying revelation, withdraws Smart Ad video

Here’s the video that LG doesn’t want you to see.

See for yourself what the firm may have been planning to do with its Smart Ad technology, which can snoop on your TV watching behaviour.

LG says it will push out firmware update for spy TVs, but fails to apologise

What’s gone so wrong with big companies that they can’t simply say *sorry* when they screw up?

LG says you’ll now be able to turn off its TVs’ spy capability.

How your LG Smart TV can spy on you

Do you have an LG Smart TV? Were you aware it was collecting information about your TV viewing habits?

And, worst of all, that you can’t stop it doing so.