Kim Kardashian

800,000 fans of the Kardashians left exposed after privacy blunder

The Kardashians may be happy for every detail of their private lives to be recorded and made available for the general public to gawp at, but that doesn’t mean you should be pleased about your personal details being visible for anyone to see.

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Nude videos of Kris Jenner “hacked from her iCloud”

Kris Jenner is apparently horrified that a hacker has broken into her iCloud account, and managed to access surveillance footage of her pottering about nude inside her Californian house.

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Naked photos of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens leak online [VIDEO]

Private photographs which appear to be naked shots of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and actress Vanessa Hudgens have leaked online.

But is that a BlackBerry in the (alleged) Kim Kardashian’s hand?

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Equifax and Transunion say hackers stole celebrity credit reports

After the social security numbers, addresses and financial details of some of the USA’s top celebrities were posted online, top credit bureaus have come forward and acknowledged that fraudulent and unauthorized access to their records has taken place.

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Mega-hack of celebrities exposes social security numbers, credit reports, and more…

Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, Paris Hilton and more public figures have had their personal information exposed on the internet.

But who is behind it?

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Was Kim Kardashian Twitter hacked or suffering finger trouble?

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian claims to have been hacked on Twitter. But what’s the truth?

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Nicole Richie exposed as Twitter hacker

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Naked celebrities on LinkedIn lead to malware

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