Kaspersky Lab

Eugene Kaspersky says U.S. government can examine his company’s source code

Anti-virus veteran is prepared to open up Kaspersky’s source code for scrutiny to debunk fears of “Russian government influence.”

David Bisson reports.

1 min read

U.S. Senate committee wants to ban Kaspersky products from the Department of Defense

A committee in the United States Senate intends to prohibit the Department of Defense from using Kaspersky Lab’s products for fear of “Russian government influence”.

David Bisson reports.

1 min read

Kaspersky warns of Android game, not realising it is another security firm’s proof-of-concept

Kaspersky Lab says it has found a new Android Trojan, disguised as a game of Tic Tac Toe.

Lacoon Mobile Security says “Hang on a minute, we wrote that!”

1 min read

Kaspersky Lab “accidentally” defends monitoring of innocent internet users in online article

“You shouldn’t be paranoid and try to conceal your location while online.”

Seriously? This from a computer security company?

2 min read