Hooters blames hackers after tasteless ‘joke’ posted to its Facebook page

This weekend, someone posted an offensive rape ‘joke’ on the official Facebook page of the Hooters restaurant chain.

The firm claims it was hacked. But was it?

Bill Gates offers $5000 for a Facebook share? It’s an old joke and still not funny

Facebook users are spreading a message across the social network, claiming that Bill Gates will cough up $5000 if you share a photograph of him.

Obviously it’s nonsense – but approximately half a million Facebook users fell for the hoax.

Facebook rolls out new privacy settings in wake of PRISM controversy

I love this screenshot that is being shared across Facebook, claiming to be the social network’s new privacy settings in the wake of the NSA’s PRISM surveillance controversy.

Password joke named funniest at Edinburgh Fringe

A joke about passwords has won a competition for the funniest joke at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Can you do better?