John McAfee

My Twitter was hacked, claims John McAfee

Security veteran John McAfee says that his Twitter account was hacked, and that’s why he’s turned OFF two-factor authentication.

Good luck John McAfee, socially engineering a corpse…

In a nutshell, “Dead men tell no tales”. Good luck to Mr John McAfee who believes he can use social engineering to determine the iPhone passcode of one of the (dead) San Bernadino killers.

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John McAfee is running for president

John McAfee, the shy-and-retiring inventor of the McAfee anti-virus product and more recently Belize’s most notorious fugitive, is reportedly running for the presidency of the United States.

NYSE: Bad software rollout – not hackers – took out the Stock Exchange

Sorry to disappoint you, but hackers weren’t to blame for trading being halted on the New York Stock Exchange.

It’s a complete mystery why Intel would want to drop the McAfee brand name…

Goodbye McAfee. Hello Intel Security, and some free anti-virus products.

Hacking and cybercrime evolution at IP EXPO

Neither breaking the law nor poor renditions of power ballads should ever be considered a qualification to speak at an IT event about computer security.

Why you can’t trust John McAfee’s tech support video advice

By now, you’ve probably all watched (with jaws agog) the NSFW video where John McAfee describes – with the merest hint of sex and drugs – how to uninstall McAfee Antivirus.

But a closer analysis of the video shows that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

How to uninstall McAfee Antivirus.. by John McAfee [NSFW VIDEO]

John McAfee says, while avoiding the Belize police, that he still gets plenty of people asking how they can uninstall the software bearing his name.

John McAfee says he infected laptops with malware, spied and stole passwords from Belize officials

John McAfee claims he gave Belize officials cheap laptops that had been deliberately pre-infected with keylogging spyware, and ran a team of 23 women to seduce and spy on his intended targets.

Fugitive John McAfee’s location revealed by photo meta-data screw-up

Has EXIF data tripped up the founder of one of the world’s most well known security firms, as he runs from the police in Belize?

Memories of the Michelangelo virus

Where were you on March 6th 1992? Graham Cluley goes back in his time machine, and remembers the story of the biggest virus scare of all time – Michelangelo!