Ransomware offers free decryption if you learn about cybersecurity

The Koolova ransomware wants you to be more clued-up about computer security – and has an effective way of encouraging you to learn more about defending your data!

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

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Jigsaw ransomware uses live chat to relay payment instructions

The notorious Jigsaw ransomware clearly believes in customer service – offering a live chat feature in order to encourage its victims to pay up.

David Bisson reports.

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Jigsaw ransomware takes a .PORNO twist and a new name

The developers of the notorious Jigsaw ransomware have renamed their malicious creation, given it a new file extension, and outfitted it with a new lock screen.

David Bisson reports.

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Jigsaw decryption tool released for sadistic ransomware that deletes your files

Researchers have released a free decryption tool for Jigsaw, the sadistic ransomware that gradually deletes all of a victim’s encrypted files.

David Bisson reports.

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