Car hacking at speed – where vulnerabilities turn from critical to fatal

What car hacking researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have discovered is worrying enough. But it sends a shudder down the spine to even contemplate how much worse things could be.

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First a Jeep gets hacked, now the class-action suit

Fiat Chrysler and Uconnect manufacturer Harman are hit by a law suit from disgruntled Jeep owners, concerned that the high-profile vehicle hack has shown their vehicles to be defective.

Jeep hacking and the risks posed by the internet of things

As more and more technology becomes internet-enabled, whether it be your car, your fridge, your thermostat, your television, your baby monitor… the greater the opportunities for manufacturers to mess up, and do a poor job of security.

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Car-hacking expert urges Jeep owners to install security update

Jeep owners – you don’t want someone having “unlawful access” to your vehicle’s systems, right?

Of course not.