Fake iOS Checkra1n jailbreak site installs slot machine game, generates click-fraud revenue

A website that promises to jailbreak your iPhone using the Checkm8 exploit actually installs apps with the intention of generating click-fraud revenue.

iOS 12.4.1 update fixes jailbreak vulnerability that Apple accidentally reintroduced

Apple has fixed the jailbreaking vulnerability in iOS that it previously unfixed.


D’oh! Apple botches iOS update, leaves iPhones open to jailbreaking

For the first time in years, hackers have created a working exploit that can jailbreak the latest, fully-updated version of iOS.

And a goof by Apple has allowed them do it.

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Earn $1.5 million by remotely jailbreaking iOS 10

If you had a zero-day vulnerability for remotely hacking an iPhone who would you tell? The people who will give you $1.5 million dollars or the company that can protect every iOS user in the world?


Apple bans iPhone app that warned if you had been secretly hacked

Apple has banned a top-selling iOS app that raised the alarm if it determined your iPhone or iPad had been jailbroken without your knowledge. And the security researcher responsible for the app isn’t at all happy…

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How to tell if your iPhone has been secretly hacked

You know you’re living in interesting times when an app designed to tell you if your iOS device has been jailbroken is outselling the likes of Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

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The TinyV Trojan is infecting jailbroken iPhones

Chinese iPhone users are unwittingly infecting their smartphones with a new iOS Trojan horse known as TinyV.

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iOS 9 can now finally be remotely jailbroken – but YOU can’t do it

Bad news iOS 9 users. Someone has developed a way of jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad and spying on you, in a way that is currently unstoppable.

And don’t for a second think that someone isn’t going to be hit by the attack – because huge amounts of money have already been spent discovering how to do it.

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iOS 9 is finally jailbroken, but should you do it?

A group of Chinese hackers have released to the public the first iOS 9 jailbreak, tearing the operating system away from the tight control of Apple.

But should you jailbreak your iPhone?

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225,000 reasons not to jailbreak your iPhone – iOS malware in the wild

Over 225,000 iOS devices have been hit by a malware attack, stealing Apple ID account usernames and passwords, certificate keys, private keys, App Store purchasing information and more.

The good news is that the problem is contained to jailbroken devices. The bad news is that people still jailbreak their iPhones.

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Don’t jailbreak your iPhone if you want to avoid the Cloud Atlas malware

The Cloud Atlas malware campaign is designed to intercept communications and record phone calls. And iPhone and iPad users don’t escape entirely unscathed.

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Don’t jailbreak your iPhone if you want to stop government spyware

Should you jailbreak your iPhone?

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How to stop the UnFlod Baby Panda malware infecting your iPhone

What is Unflod Baby Panda? Is your iPhone or iPad protected? And, most importantly, how did they come up with that “Unflod Baby Panda” name anyway?

Hacker claims to have jailbroken PlayStation 4 to play pirated games, and upset Sony

Wherever you stand on the debate of whether people should be able to jailbreak their home entertainment devices, one thing is for sure.

Hackers really don’t like Sony.

Apple hires jailbreaking iPhone hacker Nicholas Allegra

Comex, the creator of the JailBreakMe website which helps iPhone and iPad owners jailbreak their phones, has been given an internship… at Apple.

JailBreakMe site rings security alarm for iPhone and iPad users

A website is making it easy to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad – but could also be giving a blueprint to malicious hackers on how to infect such devices with malware.