Year-old vulnerability allowed pro-ISIS hackers to hack US government websites

If build a website, don’t walk away from it. Don’t leave it to fester.

Because if you do, it could end up being exploited by hackers.

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Pro-ISIS hackers deface Ohio government websites

This weekend a number of state government websites in Ohio were defaced by a pro-ISIS group calling itself Team System DZ. Affected sites displayed anti-Trump messages, and played the Islamic call to prayer through visiting computers’ speakers.

‘Cyber terrorist’ trades cufflinks for handcuffs

Would the fact that you have an operating system installed on your USB cufflink prove that you’re up to no good, or just a bit of a geek?

Israeli security firm claims to have hacked ISIS forum, discloses future targets

An Israeli security company says that it hacked an ISIS forum and disclosed where members of the terrorist organization might be planning future attacks.

David Bisson reports.

PlayStation, Facebook block users due to ‘offensive’ first names

Facebook and the Sony PlayStation Network have taken a hard line against users with names like “Isis” and “Jihad”.

David Bisson reports.

No, you don’t have to be ISIS to pull off a DDoS attack

For a couple of days Janet, the academic computer network used by universities and colleges up and down the UK, has been hit by a significant distributed denial-of-service attack.

But it wasn’t a hack. And chances are that it wasn’t the work of Islamic State, regardless of what the British tabloids may say.

Fighting talk from Great Britain as it says it will hit back against internet attacks

British chancellor George Osborne has warned about the spectre of online terrorists attacking national infrastructure, and made some rather bold pronouncements about the UK’s willingness to engage in cyberwarfare to defend itself.

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Team Poison hacker believed killed by US drone strike

From hacking Tony Blair’s contact address book to hijacking US Central Command’s Twitter account, Junaid Hussain had a history of cybercrime.

And now he has apparently been killed by a US drone attack in Syria.

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TV5Monde attack proves hacking attribution is very difficult

It’s “Islamic State hackers”. It’s “Kremlin-backed hackers”.

Oh please make up your mind…

French TV network taken off air after attack by pro-ISIS hackers

Pro-ISIS hackers have managed to take the TV5MONDE TV network off air, and hijack its website and Facebook page.

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Hey, maybe ISIS can get you to update your WordPress site’s security?

The FBI has issued a warning that ISIS-supporting hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities on websites running WordPress.

US military’s CENTCOM Twitter account hacked – were they not using 2FA?

Twitter and YouTube accounts run by the US military’s Central Command are hijacked by hackers claiming to back Islamic State.

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