Facial recognition fail allows politician’s kids to access his laptop

MEP Matt Carthy wondered why the battery life on his laptop was running down so quickly…

Hackers demand ransom from Dublin’s tram system, after Luas website defaced

The website of Luas, the tram system operating in Ireland’s capital city of Dublin, has been taken offline this morning after hackers defaced the site and demanded a ransom be paid within five days.

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Unencrypted laptop exposes personal details of 37,000 Eir customers, faulty security update blamed

Irish telecoms operator Eir is blaming a “faulty security update” for leaving unencrypted a staff member’s laptop which was subsequently stolen outside of one of its offices.

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Attack on Ireland’s state-owned power provider blamed on state-sponsored hackers

EirGrid, which provides electricity to homes and businesses across Ireland and Northern Ireland, reportedly suffered a security breach earlier this year at the hands of state-sponsored hackers.

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900,000 Germans knocked offline, as critical router flaw exploited

The Internet of insecure Things strikes again. As many as 900,000 Deutsche Telekom customers were knocked offline on Sunday and Monday as an attempt was made to hijack broadband routers into a botnet.

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Irish lottery and ticket terminals knocked offline by DDoS attack

It should have been a great week for the Irish Lottery, with the largest jackpot (12 million euros) for 18 months up for grabs.

However, things didn’t run entirely smoothly in the run-up to the Wednesday night draw.

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Google disappears for Irish internet users – but was it a nameserver hack or admin screwup?

Thousands of Google users in Ireland found that they were unable to access the site earlier today when the nameservers for began to point to a third-party site based in Indonesia.

But was it an admin cockup or the result of a malicious hack?

400,000 email addresses exposed by Irish recruitment website hack

Money mule spam is sent by fraudsters to users exposed after the security breach at

Phishing mule caught on CCTV escapes jail

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