Flame worm – Iran claims to discover new Stuxnet-like malware

Iranian authorities claim to have discovered another targeted cyberattack against the country – the Flamer worm (also known as Flame).

Iran makes its own anti-virus software – would you buy it?

Iran is reported to have started making its own anti-virus software.

Would you buy it?

Cyber-attack on BBC Persian Service linked to Iranian intimidation

The BBC has revealed that it suffered a “sophisticated cyber attack” following a campaign of persistent intimidation from the Iranian authorities.

US attacks Iran and Saudi Arabia? Malware spreads via Facebook status updates

A fake CNN webpage is being linked to from Facebook users’ status updates, claiming that World War III has begun.

But the real story is the malware waiting to infect your computer.

Google tells Iranian users to check if their Gmail accounts have been hacked

Google is advising *all* its users in Iran to change their Gmail passwords, and check that their accounts have not been compromised.

Stars virus: Iran claims to intercept second cyberwarfare attack

Iranian officials today claimed to have intercepted a cyberwarfare attack, involving malware designed to spy upon government systems.

Baidu, China’s largest search engine, defaced by Iranian Cyber Army

Hot on the heels of last month’s attack on Twitter, the so-called “Iranian Cyber Army” appears to have defaced another high profile website.

Details of Obama’s chopper leaked via P2P software?

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