iPhone 5

iPhone 5 tester SMS text scam hits cellphone users

Want to test an iPhone 5? Sorry – but it’s an SMS text spam campaign sent to mobile phone users.

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Scammers reveal features of brand new iPhone 5.. or do they?

A scam spreads on Tumblr, claiming that every user will be given a free iPhone 5.

Never mind the fact that the iPhone 5 has not been announced yet, let alone released.

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iPhone 5 emails infect Windows PCs with malware

Beware of emails claiming that Apple has already announced the iPhone 5.

You could be infecting your Windows computer with malware.

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iPhone 5 giveaways on Facebook – a scam or what?

iPhone 5 giveaways are flourishing on Facebook and elsewhere on the internet.

But how can you tell the scams from genuine offers? We help you decide, with some mathematics.

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