Fixed Google Authenticator returns to the App Store, restoring accounts

Google has issued a new version of its two factor authentication app, Google Authenticator, after the previous version wiped out existing account information for iPhone and iPad users.

But imagine how much worse things could have been if everyone was already using iOS 7, with automatic updates…

Woah! Read this before you update the Google Authenticator app on your iPhone

Hold off updating Google Authenticator on your iOS devices – until an account-wiping bug is resolved.

Suspicious partners rejoice! Apple iOS 7 creepily records users’ favourite places

The latest beta version of the upcoming new iOS operating system for the iPhone and iPad has a rather creepy feature hidden away in its settings.

But for whose benefit?

Zero-day exploit in Apple’s iOS operating system “sold for $500,000”

The shady world of the vulnerability researchers who find serious security holes in software, and sell them to the highest bidder.

EFF calls for AT&T iPad ‘hacker’ to be freed, saying government made an example of him

Auernheimer was stupid for not responsibly informing AT&T of the flaw, rather than trying to make a name for his Goatse Security group in the media, and this case has exposed how vague language used in the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act could be abused by prosecutors.

But AT&T were even more dumb for creating a system that could serve up customers’ email addresses to anyone – without requiring a username or password.

How to set a stronger passcode for your iPhone – and still remember it! [VIDEO]

Password wizard Per Thorsheim has made a great video that explains in very simple terms how to create a strong harder-to-crack passcode for your iPhone which is *still* easy to remember.

iOS 7 beta bug allows anyone to access the photos on your iPhone [VIDEO]

A new video demonstrates how it’s possible to bypass the passcode on iOS 7’s lock screen to access hundreds of private photos within seconds.

But maybe you shouldn’t panic just yet…

How iOS 7 can deter thieves from stealing your iPhone

Days before Apple attends a meeting explaining what it’s doing to reduce smartphone crime, it announces a new security feature coming in iOS 7.

iOS 6.1.3 security flaw allows passcode lock bypass… again [VIDEO]

iOS 6.1.3 has only just been released by Apple, and already a security hole has been followed – allowing anyone to bypass the passcode lock on iPhones, and access private data on the device.

Anyone else getting a sense of Deja Vu?

iOS 6.1.3 released – Apple fixes iPhone/iPad passcode-bypass security loophole

Apple has just released iOS 6.1.3, an operating system update for iPhones and iPads that is said to fix a high profile flaw that could potentially allow someone to bypass your device’s lock screen.

Free iPad Mini scam spreads via Facebook rogue application

Facebook users are being targeted in a scam that offers them the opportunity to get their hands on a free iPad Mini.

12 million iPhone and iPad device IDs hacked from the FBI, Anonymous claims

Hackers claim to have stolen a database of 12,367,232 Apple device IDs, and personal information such as full names, cellphone numbers, addresses and zipcodes belonging to iPhone and iPad users.

And where do they claim they stole this information? From an FBI laptop… via a Java vulnerability.

Apple: Androids are much less likely to be running an up-to-date OS than iPhones and iPads

Over 80% of iPhone and iPad users are running iOS 5. That compares to a paltry 7% of Android customers who are up-to-date and running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on their smartphones and tablets.

Hacking businesses via your iPad can be all fun and games

Limit your malicious hacking to entertaining games like Uplink. At least there you’re not doing any real harm, and aren’t going to end up behind bars.

Updated: Serious security hole in iOS 5.1? Perhaps not..

Is iOS 5.1 allowing people to access your iPhone or iPad without a pass code? Perhaps not, but we were duped!

Free iPad 3? It doesn’t exist! Beware of scams

Chances are that we will see Apple announce an iPad 3 very soon. But don’t be duped into believing there’s an easy way to get one for free.