IP address

Typo in IP address led to innocent father’s arrest for paedophilia

One extra digit added to an IP address led police in the wrong direction.
Graham Cluley
40 sec read

Skype finally hides your IP address, to protect against vengeful gamers

For too long streaming video gamers have suffered denial-of-service attacks and raids from police SWAT teams, often assisted by Skype leaking private IP addresses. Read...
Graham Cluley
0 sec read

Viber has been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army has hacked some of Viber's internal systems, and published information about its users.
Graham Cluley
2 min read

Privacy concerns over popular ShowIP Firefox add-on

A popular Firefox add-on appears to have started leaking private information about every website that users visit, including sensitive data which could identify individuals...
Graham Cluley
8 sec read

Has TechCrunch been hacked?

One of TechCrunch's web servers is serving up pages which definitely don't belong at TechCrunch! But it may not be the result of malicious hacking..
Graham Cluley
7 sec read