iOS 8

Watch out! iOS 8 ‘Reset All Settings’ bug could wipe your iCloud files

Be careful accessing the “Reset All Settings” option in iOS 8 – you might find you’ve just permanently deleted all of the documents in your iCloud Drive.

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If you care about security, throw away your iPhone 4 right now

Do you think Apple is right to leave iOS 7 users in the lurch, or should they do more to support those who bought the iPhone 4 and earlier devices?

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How to change Safari’s default search engine in iOS 8 for greater privacy

With iOS 8 you can switch your Safari browser’s search engine to alternatives such as DuckDuckGo. Find out why you might want to and, in fairness, why you might NOT want to…

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Why iOS 8 could be bad news for retailers who want to track your movements

The dramatic rise in popularity of iPhones and iPads in recent years means that Apple has had to become even more effective in protecting against hackers and snoopers.

Apple CEO: Android is beating us in the market… for mobile malware

Every day new Android malware, adware and dodgy apps are found, some of it even managing to infiltrate the poorly-policed official Google Play store.

How and why is Apple doing better with iOS? Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, has an opinion.

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