iOS 7

If you care about security, throw away your iPhone 4 right now

Do you think Apple is right to leave iOS 7 users in the lurch, or should they do more to support those who bought the iPhone 4 and earlier devices?

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iPhone thefts drop in major cities as result of iOS 7′s Activation Lock

Good news for everyone who owns an iPhone. Thieves are stealing less iPhones, because of the Activation Lock feature that makes them harder to sell on.

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Apple CEO: Android is beating us in the market… for mobile malware

Every day new Android malware, adware and dodgy apps are found, some of it even managing to infiltrate the poorly-policed official Google Play store.

How and why is Apple doing better with iOS? Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, has an opinion.

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iOS 7.03 and iOS 7.1 could be just around the corner, hopefully fixing security bugs

The next version of Apple’s iPhone operating system, iOS 7.03, could be just around the corner – and hopefully it will properly fix some of the security and privacy bugs that have embarrassed the company since the launch of iOS 7.0 last month.

Never mind the lockscreen flaws, Siri rickrolls iOS 7 users

What happens on iOS 7 if you ask Siri, “What is today going to be like?”

NY cops urge public to upgrade to iOS 7 to help fight phone crime

New York Police are urging iPhone users to upgrade their devices to iOS 7.

The reason? To deter phone thieves.

Page 46 of Apple’s new iOS agreement is a funny fake. But makes a serious point

It looks like whoever was writing Apple’s colossal terms and conditions document had a minor breakdown when they realised no-one was ever likely to read their words. But what can we learn from this?

New iOS 7 bug lets anyone make a call from your locked iPhone [VIDEO]

You may think your iPhone is locked – but anyone can make a call from it if they wish… and it’s at your expense, of course.

Once again, Apple’s lock screen security is found to be lacking.

Apple releases iOS 7.01, fixing iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor bug

Apple has released an update to its iOS 7 smartphone operating system, fixing a bug in its fingerprint scanner.

Google releases its own “Find my iPhone” for Android devices – but doesn’t go far enough

Android Device Manager is a step in the right direction, but doesn’t go far enough to deter phone thieves.

Suspicious partners rejoice! Apple iOS 7 creepily records users’ favourite places

The latest beta version of the upcoming new iOS operating system for the iPhone and iPad has a rather creepy feature hidden away in its settings.

But for whose benefit?

Apple iPhones and iPads vulnerable to hacking via malicious chargers

If you have an iPhone or iPad, take care about where you charge it. Because you could be allowing hackers to install malware onto your treasured Apple device.

Sleazeballs rejoice! It’s easy to save nude Snapchat pics. Just install the iOS 7 beta

It isn’t sensible to share sexy photos via apps like Snapchat, and it won’t ever be. But no-one expected Apple to make it even less safe to use Snapchat.

How iOS 7 can deter thieves from stealing your iPhone

Days before Apple attends a meeting explaining what it’s doing to reduce smartphone crime, it announces a new security feature coming in iOS 7.