Selena Gomez – please tell your 125 million fans to enable two-step verification

Hackers seized control of the American singer and actress’s Instagram account and posted revealing snaps of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

How to better protect your Instagram account using two-step verification (2SV)

David Bisson walks you through the steps needed to enable two-step verification on your Instagram account.

Hacked Instagram accounts seducing users with adult dating spam

Your Instagram account could have been spiced up by spammers.

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How you could steal money from Instagram, Microsoft and Google with help from a premium rate phone number

Researcher Arne Swinnen found an ingenious way to make money from the likes of Google, Microsoft and Instagram – getting their two-factor authentication registration schemes to call a premium rate phone number: “They all offer services to supply users with a token via a computer-voiced phone call, but neglected to properly verify whether supplied phone

Could your selfies be held to ransom? Alleged Instagram account hacker arrested

The incredibly cool-sounding Titan, the North West of England’s regional organised crime unit, have arrested a 16-year-old boy from Croxteth, Liverpool, on suspicion of hacking an Instagram account.

20 million Instagram accounts were put at risk through sloppy security hole

A bug bounty of US $5,000 has been awarded to a Belgian vulnerability researcher who uncovered two methods by which malicious hackers could brute force their way into Instagram accounts.

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Moose – the router worm with an appetite for social networks

A new worm is infecting routers in order to commit social networking fraud, hijacking victims’ internet connections in order to “like” posts and pages, “view” videos and “follow” other accounts.

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Don’t be like these MPs, unwittingly revealing their home addresses on Instagram

There’s no test for common sense before you’re elected to be a member of the British Parliament.

Make sure you’re protecting your privacy on Instagram, and not revealing too much personal information.

Instagram’s Android users risk having their accounts hijacked – but is that a threat to your business?

Shouldn’t Facebook be doing more to secure its Android app for Instagram users?

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How to freak out Instagram and Twitter users – and why they need to be more private

Do you share your location on social networks like Instagram and Twitter?

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Instagram for PC? Don’t be duped by survey scammers

Survey scammers are using a new disguise in their attempt to drive web traffic to their cash-generating webpages – pretending that PC users can install their own version of the popular smartphone app Instagram.

Don’t be tricked by this fake ‘BBC’ website. Miracle diet spammers post fake news stories

What lies beneath the Garcinia Cambogia spam campaign, being spread via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest?

Fake Instagram app infects Android devices with malware

Tempted to try out the much talked about Instagram app? Well, be careful where you get it from – as malware authors are distributing malware disguised as the popular app.

Privacy concerns after Instagram’s acquisition by Facebook

Some Instagram users are upset about the acquisition by Facebook – but are they right to complain about what happens to their uploaded photographs?