insider threat

Amazon staff said to be taking bribes to leak data

Often the biggest problem is not the threat of external hackers, but rather internal staff to whom you have granted access to sensitive data and who might be tempted to exploit it for financial gain.

Bupa warns health insurance information exposed by rogue employee

Healthcare insurance giant Bupa has warned customers that it has suffered a breach, after an employee inappropriately copied and removed customer information from the business.

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Prison for former sysadmin who hacked industrial facility and caused a million dollars worth of damage

Are you a sysadmin who left your last job under a cloud?

My advice is don’t try and seek revenge by hacking into the company that fired you. You might end up with a lengthy prison sentence.

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Don’t let your former IT staff sabotage your company

A recent news story has brought to mind a threat which probably sends a shiver down the spine of many system administrators.

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Following data breach, Sage employee arrested at Heathrow airport

British police have arrested a 32-year-old woman at Heathrow airport yesterday on “suspicion of conspiracy to defraud”.

Citibank IT guy deliberately wiped routers, shut down 90% of firm’s networks across America

The truth is that the person hacking you may not be someone you’ve never met, wearing a hoody on the other side of the world. They could be sat right next to you, wearing a business suit.

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Britain’s most infamous spy reminds us of the danger of the insider threat

Time and technology have moved in on the intervening years, but the threat posed by insiders within your organisation remains real.

Aviva ‘revenge’ hack loses lucrative contract for company, ruins a man’s career

A man has received a sentence of 18 months in prison after he hacked into hundreds of mobile devices belonging to insurance company Aviva.

The insider threat highlighted by Hacking Team and Ashley Madison hacks

Many of us spend a lot of time worrying about external hackers, spammed-out malware and internet intrusions – but sometimes the instigators of an attack against your business can be much closer to home.

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