Hydro working hard to recover following ransomware attack

You can’t help but get the feeling that this was a highly-organised extortion attempt against Norsk Hydro.


Aluminium plants hit by cyber-attack, global company turns to manual operations

Norsk Hydro, one of the world’s largest producers of aluminium, says that it is battling an “extensive cyber-attack” that first hit its systems on Monday evening and then escalated overnight.

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US warns of ongoing attacks on energy firms and critical infrastructure

The United States Department of Homeland Security and FBI have warned that hackers are actively targeting government departments, and firms working in the energy, nuclear, water, aviation, and critical manufacturing sectors.

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Hackers suspected of causing power outage in Ukraine

This weekend houses and businesses in parts in the northern part of Kiev were plunged into darkness after the electricity supply was unexpectedly cut off.

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Irongate malware targets industrial control systems – but is it in the wild or not?

Stuxnet-like malware that is targeting industrial control systems has been uncovered by security researchers at FireEye.

Ali Taherian reports.

If you look after the Large Hadron Collider you should read this…

Vulnerabilities in Siemens industrial control systems discovered.

You think you had a headache keeping your home computer updated with security patches? Just imagine if you were responsible for securing the Large Hadron Collider or a nuclear plant…

German steel works suffered “massive damage” after hack attack

Hackers who compromised a German steel works inflicted serious damage on one of its blast furnaces, according to a newly released report.

Dragonfly hackers target 1000 Western energy firms, industrial control systems

More than one thousand companies related to the energy industry in Europe and North America are said to have been targeted by internet hackers, with particular interest in compromising industrial control systems.

Who would possibly have a motive to launch such an attack? *innocent face*